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Petra Crema

Inalco MDi from CRL Stone is a premium range of surfaces created to meet the demands of modern living. MDi surfaces represent a whole new break through in architecture and design, thanks to an innovative production process.

With full digital technology used throughout the manufacturing process, total control of the end design is ensured, with an amazing definition and a luxuriously smooth feel. Through the use of 360° design, the inner core and outer surface are fully integrated to ensure visual continuity between the two. MDi is made from natural minerals meaning it is 100% recyclable.

Thanks to its manufacturing process, MDi is a highly durable material that is heat, scratch and stain resistant, non-porous and UV resistant. In fact, all the advantages that make the surface so suitable for use in the kitchen, bathroom and even outside. Available in thicknesses of 4mm, 6mm, 12mm and 20mm, MDi surfaces are perfect for use as worktops, flooring, wall cladding or media walls.

Inalco MDi from CRL Stone comes with a 10 year warranty for added peace of mind. To activate your warranty, click here.

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