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Moon Gris

Inspired by nature and made to last the test of time in the modern home, Moon Gris brings a beautiful shade of grey to your interior design. Contrast with bright and bold colours for a space that pops or opt for the subtle look of wood and brushed metallics, where the beauty of the material is accentuated. Moon Gris is a blank canvas inviting creativity and personality.


  • Moon Gris grey surface

Moon Gris Textured (Full Slab View)

Moon Gris Textured (Slab Zoom View)

Moon Gris Textured (Close Detail View)


Thickness: 4 mm 6 mm 12 mm 20 mm
Finish: Textured Textured Textured Textured
Weight of slab: 55 kg 83 kg 165 kg 250 kg
Weight per m2: 11 kg 16 kg 32 kg 53 kg
From 1500
Image of: Moon Gris Specification