Elegantly simple, refreshingly clean

Climbing the walls with street credibility

The high level of durability and ability to withstand changing weather conditions throughout the seasons, makes the surface range from CRL Stone ideal for exterior cladding as well as interior.

Cladding can make a property stand out and enjoy extra prominence, giving it enormous street cred while also protecting and preserving the quality of the bricks and mortar beneath. Choosing a material that is not only available in a range of styles so it the property remains in keeping with its neighbours, yet is also highly durable and weather proof is extremely important. CRL Stone surfaces are therefore a viable option for all of these reasons, not to mention their ease of installation too.

In a natural finish, MDi Nero, for example, is a dark, modern surface that works in harmony with natural materials such as wood and the raw finish of brickwork. The material’s low water absorption rate of less than 0.2% makes it ideal for outdoor environments where it won’t be impacted by frost and ice, while its UV resistance makes this a colourfast surface that won’t fade over time, even when used outdoors and in direct sunlight.

Style-led walls and floors

Alongside the many practical advantages of CRL Stone surfaces, the range also offers a great deal of versatility in terms of style options. From classic soft and neutral shades through to bold marble-inspired patterning, there is a surface to suit all tastes and all decors. Walls and floor surfaces become a design focal point, with the opportunity to add vibrancy and personality, as well as to ensure the whole look works together well.

New flooring or a change of splashback can add new life to an existing setting too and with so many styles to choose from, the latest trends in interior design can be incorporated into your home with ease. Opt for a stone-effect ceramic to bring nature indoors and create a sense of calm, or choose a bold marble-effect pattern to make a visual statement on a feature wall, with more muted tones elsewhere for a timeless look that is easy to live with.

Seamless design with minimal grout lines

Large format slabs reduce the amount of grout needed and on large expanses of walls and floors where a seamless finish is important, CRL Stone slabs offer the perfect solution.

Tapping into the trend for wall cladding, for feature media walls in open plan kitchens, for splashbacks, for wet room style bathrooms and even for a building’s exterior, CRL Stone offers the opportunity to use a floor to ceiling panel with no horizontal joints or grout lines. In a slim 6mm thickness, the surfaces can also be fabricated to a required size, tailored to fit precisely even in awkward spaces.

For seamless, minimal styling in the bathroom at just 6mm thick, Meteora Gris is an MDI surface from CRL Stone that is just one of the many perfect wall cladding solutions offered by the company.

The textured finish of the material enhances its natural beauty, adding to the feeling of wellness in the bathroom, while the distinctive stone-effect patterning in on-trend grey, combines harmoniously with a myriad of colours and materials, acting as a blank canvas in the modern home. Named Best Bathroom Surface at the Living etc Style Awards 2022, Meteora Gris has practical appeal too, supplied in a slab format to make installation cost-effective and simple, particularly over large areas.



  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Resistant to Ultra-Violet rays
  • Impact Resistant
  • Easy to Clean and Care for
  • Highly Hygienic Surface
  • Bending Strength
  • 10 Year Warranty
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