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Grey Shimmer

Give your kitchen a stunning focal point with this glamorous grey work surface. Find intricate metallic flecks that reflect the light, giving this its stunning shimmer. 

Guaranteed to turn your worktop into a standout feature, Grey Shimmer is ideal to make any contemporary setting standout from the crowd.

Grey Shimmer Polished (Full Slab View)

CRl Quartz Grey Shimmer slab

Grey Shimmer Polished (Slab Zoom View)

CRL Quartz Grey Shimmer zoom

Grey Shimmer Polished (Close Detail View)

CRL Quartz Silver Shimmer close up


Thickness: 20 mm / 30 mm
Format: 1600 x 3200 mm
Colour: Grey Shimmer
Finish: Polished
Image of: Grey Shimmer Specification