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Monte Bianco is part of our award winning Renaissance Collection. The natural grey background gives depth which, with the contrast of the darker grey veining and the white highlights, presents a sense of movement and fluidity across the surface. This on trend material makes a stunning visual impact and is perfect for any style of room as it works in harmony with other natural materials and colours.

Monte Bianco Polished (Full Slab View)

CRL Quartz Monte Bianco slab

Monte Bianco Polished (Slab Zoom View)

CRL Quartz Monte Bianco zoom

Monte Bianco Polished (Close Detail View)

CRL Quartz Monte Bianco Close up


Thickness: 20 mm / 30 mm
Format: 1650 x 3300 mm
Colour: Monte Bianco
Finish: Polished
Image of: Monte Bianco Specification