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Bringing warmth and drama to interiors, Staccato draws its influence from the trend for dark shades in the home, with a marble-inspired pattern that is boldly distinctive and works in excellent contrast to the darker palette beneath.

Lighten the mood by contrasting Staccato with light coloured furniture or combine with similar dark shades for a sultry look.


YouTube video

Staccato Polished (Full Slab View)

CRL Quartz Staccato slab

Staccato Polished (Slab Zoom View)

CRL Quartz Staccato surface, black background with white veins

Staccato Polished (Close Detail View)

CRL Quartz Staccato, dark marble effect surface with white veining


Thickness: 20 mm / 30 mm
Format: 1600 x 3200 mm
Colour: Staccato
Finish: Polished
Image of: Staccato Specification