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Statuario Bianco

Inspired by marble, but with the durability of Quartz, this unique surface, which is scattered with intricate veins, is a popular choice for those wanting a strong and distinctive worksurface that epitomises style and grace. 

Due to its timeless appearance, this firm favourite in our Award Winning Renaissance Collection, Statuario Bianco was chosen by famous architect George Clarke to transform a classical open plan kitchen in a period home for his popular programme Old House New Home.

The white background with its grey veining provides timeless elegance in any space. 

Statuario Bianco Polished (Full Slab View)

CRL Quartz Statuario Bianco slab

Statuario Bianco Polished (Slab Zoom View)

CRL Quartz Statuario Bianco zoom

Statuario Bianco Polished (Close Detail View)

CRL Quartz Statuario Bianco close up


Thickness: 20 mm / 30 mm
Format: 1650 x 3300 mm
Colour: Statuario Bianco
Finish: Polished
Image of: Statuario Bianco Specification