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Venetian Grande

Featuring an unmistakable Terrazzo design, the traditional and natural coarse grain of Venetian Grande is a timeless reflection of modern style that exudes luxury. Pair this durable quartz surface with light woods, brushed metals, and soft pastel colours for a playful ambience in any space.

Venetian Grande Polished (Full Slab View)

CRL Quartz Venetian Grande slab

Venetian Grande Polished (Slab Zoom View)

CRL Quartz Venetian Grande zoom

Venetian Grande Polished (Close Detail View)

Image of: Venetian Grande Polished Finish (Close Detail View)


Thickness: 20 mm / 30 mm
Format: 1650 x 3300 mm
Colour: Venetian Grande
Finish: Polished
Image of: Venetian Grande Specification

Create a spectacular effect by backlighting Venetian Grande

The large translucent chips provide stunning illumination when back lit, making Venetian Grande a striking feature in any setting. By reducing the thickness to 10mm the translucency increases for a more dramatic effect. Take a look at the slider below to see how Venetian Grande can be used to light up your space.

Drag the bar across the image to demonstrate how light can shine through.

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