Are glass worktops really a good idea?

It might come as a surprise to some people that glass kitchen worktops are actually available on the market at all!. Although glass might not be the most obvious choice for a worktop, it can offer a very unique look. As much as these worktops might seem like an edgy, more niche choice, the range of colours and finishes available is on the increase opening it up to a wider range of tastes.

What are the benefits of a glass worktop?

Glass is dense, strong and non porous making it an extremely low maintenance material. Its non porous nature makes it a hygienic choice for families and can be kept clean with just a damp cloth. It won’t dent like some other materials, such as stainless steel, however a chopping board is recommended to avoid any surface scratches.

A glass worktop also won’t stain as easily as many other worktop materials, which means harsh cleaners and chemicals can be avoided. It is highly resistant to heat, so although it would be recommended to use a trivet or board, if you did place a hot pan directly onto the glass, it shouldn’t then suffer any damage.

Glass is a flexible material, meaning that worktops can easily be shaped to fit your kitchen, even if it is an usual shape. Other materials can be more difficult to mould but glass can be fabricated to have round edges to fit in more with family life. The reflective and light diffusing surface can lighten darker spaces and make smaller spaces feel larger.


How does Glass compare to Quartz

These practical benefits mean that glass worktops are increasing in popularity, however in comparison to Quartz the style options available are still quite limited. Additionally, although there are more colour and finish options becoming available for glass surfaces, they will only ever suit a certain type of kitchen. 

Quartz as a worktop is a much more versatile option, whether it is a concrete effect surface such as Concrete Gris, a worktop with shimmer such as Grey Reflection, or an ever popular marble effect quartz such as Calacatta.

If you are looking for a contemporary kitchen with a sleek and clean style, Clear White teams perfectly with a white high gloss kitchen for that all white look that never goes out of style.

Quartz is also extremely low maintenance and isn’t prone to the smudges and fingerprints that you are likely to see on a glass worktop. It requires minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning and does not require any sort of sealing. 

In terms of durability, although a glass worktops can withstand a lot of everyday wear and tear, quartz is by far the stronger option. Like glass, it is also non porous but where a glass worktop might start to react with liquids such as acids over time and begin to fog the surface, providing spillages on quartz are wiped off, your quartz worktop should look as good as new for years to come.

CRL Quartz Glass
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Heat Resistance
Flexural Strength
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