Quartz worktop or laminate?

It will be of no surprise that the most widely used worksurface in our kitchens is laminate. Typically made of wooden particle board core and wrapped in decorative layer to create the external surface, laminate tends to be a durable yet cost effective option. A hygienic and heat resistant surface is created through the process of “lamination” where the different layers of material are fused together and the plastic laminate coating allows for a full seal. 

Laminate worktops are ideal for people with busy lives as they are low maintenance and relatively easy to fit and also replace should the worst happen or if you just want a change further down the line. They won’t require sealing like granite and with technological advances over the last few years, laminate worktops can now come in such a wide variety of designs and styles and you can mimic other materials and create a laminate that looks like the real thing. 

Although a durable option when it comes to to worksurfaces, they are still prone to damage. Water ingress can occur if one of the joints fails, causing your worktop to swell and although they are relatively scratch, stain and heat resistant, the layers can begin to peel with wear and tear.

One of the most used surfaces in the home is undoubtedly the kitchen worksurface so they need to be able to withstand daily use and some wear and tear. A laminate worktop will on average last 10-13 years within a typical kitchen, however CRL Quartz comes with a 25 year guarantee.


Wood vs Quartz Countertops


How do Quartz Worktops compare?

So when it comes to choosing a worktop that is going to be stylish, long lasting and durable, should you choose quartz worktop or laminate?

For a kitchen worktop that is not only extremely low maintenance as well as being hard wearing and scratch/stain resistant, CRL Quartz provides an excellent alternative to laminate.

Available in a wide range of colours meaning there are options that will be perfect for almost any style of kitchen. As they are engineered, there are even quartz worktops that mimic other worksurfaces.

If you are looking for an industrial style, soft concrete can offer the look and feel of real concrete whilst adding warmth and visual interest to your kitchen. There are also plenty of marble effect worktops to choose from including Pacific Grey which is striking and emulates the natural beauty of marble or Calcatta Dorado with its eye catching dark grey and gold veins.

Quartz is often considered to be one of the best all-round worktop materials on the market today due to its durability and resistance to stains, scratches and heat.  Like laminate, quartz can be cleaned by simply using a damp cloth and a mild soap or non-acidic cleaner, making it a hassle free choice as well as meaning there are no ongoing maintenance costs to consider.

You can find out more about the advantages of Quartz here.

Learn more about the advantages of quartz worktops and how they compare to both marble and granite surfaces.

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